About Us

Focused On What Today’s Technician Needs

For over 60 years, professional mechanics and serious do-it-yourselfers have depended on the quality and innovation of the Horizon Tool brands. Horizon Tool, Inc. combines in-house manufacturing and assembly with a global supply chain and full-line packaging capabilities to meet the diverse needs of our customers all over the world.

Horizon Tools, Inc. was founded in 1980 by Michael Brock and Jerry Kenny with the goal of providing innovative, quality tools to professional technicians. The company grew from manufacturing a handful of specialty tools to offering over 5000 items today. As the company continued to respond to technician needs and industry demands the product line expanded. In 1997 the company acquired Cal-Van Tools, a leading specialty tool brand.  The AllStart brand was secured in 2012. AllStart provides handheld power solutions to consumers with jump starters and portable chargers. In 2015, Horizon expanded into the air and hand tool markets with the acquisitions of Mighty-Seven and KT Pro brands.

Horizon Tool is located in Greensboro, NC. and staffs 90+ employees. We continue to grow and evolve to meet the demands of our industry. Innovation remains at the forefront of new product and process development.

Horizon Tool commits to excellence through a continued focus on their core company values:

Be A Solution Provider: We are focused on what today’s technician needs to make jobs easier and faster.

Honor and Respect Relationships: “The Golden Rule” – At Horizon Tools we keep our commitments to our customers and our working partners. We believe in joint success.

Act With Integrity: We know the right way and wrong way to do business.  If it is wrong, we don’t do it.

Customer Focused and Customer Driven: We uphold accountability to our customer’s best interests. We are constantly seeking what customers want and need.

Horizon Tool will continue to expand their tool line in the future to meet the needs of the changing tool market.

Our Stated Goal: Our innovation drives YOUR profits.